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Wy – Swedish Summer

Ebba and Michel make up the project, Wy. We’d stated about Wy: “The mysteries astound Wy, and as they take deeper treks through that wilderness, we want to be there too. Voyeuristic indulgence is a synonym to our inner desires. Wy keeps the door cracked open, just a bit.” ‘Swedish Summer’ is off of their album ‘Softie’, which is one that tries to work out things about coping, fears, inner demons and anxieties. Wy professes all these exist. They just want you to know that it’s okay to feel this way, and that it’s just temporary. You’ll work it out. It’ll be okay. Dreary with melancholic vibes, Wy’s attributions ring true to form, as their dream-pop aesthetics nurture and caress you in delectable bites at what could be.

Editors – Frankenstein

Brooding and full of energy, EDITORS, undoubtedly evolve but always retain that sheen of a grand scheme that is Universal. Six studio albums in the EDITORS sound is fresh as ever, and with ‘Frankenstein’ delivers with ‘epicness’ and ‘majesty’ that we’d expect from the outfit. Electronica drenched, rock-surged lyrical attentions get you dancing in that edible death spiral that you’d never existed. EDITORS’ single has always been within you. Frontman Tom Smith described this single as “a song of joy and escapism – a cartoon song for the freaks, the different and for the night.” Yep. We think you and us, all of us, belong in some way or another. The weird lives within the EDITORS. And it is a joy. They have won numerous awards and played sold out shows. Don’t miss them.

ViVii – Fibromyalgia

ViVii said of ‘Fibromyalgia’ that the song: “has nothing really to do with the lyrics in the song. The day this song was written, Emil was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and it was both sad gave some relief. With that diagnose in mind, this Fleetwood Mac inspired song was born”. We’d been fans of ViVii for a while and had called them: “To us, the project named ViVii equals love. You know. The kind of love that is not Disney tantric, but that is real – gritty – emphatic – gorgeous. The drape of sonic colors never becomes discolored when sung or described by ViVii’s entrapments.” Something about the project that just sits right with the world. Quirky and proud, the lyrical mass and weight from the band is always solid to the core and brings delight whenever offered. ‘Fibromyalgia’ continues this trend.

The Skinny Millionaires – Negotiations Didn’t Go So Well

Mikey Millionaire brought his project THE SKINNY MILLIONAIRES to life in 2008. Punk, rock, rock n’ roll – all succumb to the knowledge of foes and heroes, diverging to conquer each other’s inhibitions and diabolic intentions. Mikey just drives through the noise with his cancelling habits of catchy hooks and power chords. Simple, but not simple. After years of punk rockin’ in other bands, he wanted more. Just like we want more out of the things that we love, Mickey knew he could get even more from his destiny. Bandmates bandmates Luis E. Furr (Bass) and Sloop Hannah (Drums) put in the talent and love into this project, as the trio delivers in majestic classic hard-rock solos, deepened mannerisms of mature thought, in plainly veiled beauty of sound and waves. Vinyl 7“-Single split with band CHRISTMAS is out now.

Desert Weather – Still in My Head

The band stated: “Sometimes meeting certain people can leave an unexplainable impact on your life and the way you see the world. When this happens, you ignore all logic and live in the hypnotic bliss of the impression they made on you for a little while, which is ultimately what ‘Still In My Head’ is all about.” DESERT WEATHER is a Los Angeles based indie-rock band that covers all your devious needs with epic chords and pop sensibilities. ‘Still In My Head’ is a moment within a moment where memes are stuck to your emotions, even in conscious and unconscious facets. Something that just clicks with your and you’d never known that it had. There are lots of things in the world that happen to stick to our neolithic brains, but that’s how the world flows. DESERT WEATHER recognizes and makes the best of it with song and dancey progressions. Can’t go wrong there, right?? Heck no.


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