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Wy Shares Title Single ‘Softie’ Off Of Upcoming New Album. “Traverses from peaks and valleys, and everything in between.”

Malmö (Sweden) based duo Wy are two long time lovers Ebba and Michel. And they share this deliciously angsty single named ‘Softie’. The charm oozes from the single, as the subject of the song traverses from peaks and valleys, and everything in between.

The title track of the upcoming new album, the rudimentary, off-kilter, acumen of the single lends to a decidedly series of personal indecisions and un-fettered storms of the heart. ‘Softie’ follows up a fab debut album ‘Okay’ (2017).

The duo stated: “We decided to make a record that was turbulent, back and forth and non-conforming, because we wanted our second album to hit you in the face rather than rock you to sleep or move you to tears.”

A conscious decision was made to have a change of pace where the album deals with the questions of “coping, growing out of your fears, learning how to distance yourself from your anxieties and the ups and downs that comes with being bipolar.”

As always, the anchor and star of Wy’s singles is this refreshing and dire vocal expressions of pure significance by Ebba. The urgency and the desperation of it all, floods through with crystal clarity from her vocal cords, as it displays that expansive spectrum of grays within the rainbow of colors. ‘Softie’ hits at your center, making you wobbly, then holds you in understanding caresses, as you rehabilitate your thoughts and outlook.

“Being really down makes me a jerk to people,” Ebba said. “But if I’m being a jerk to you that probably means I love you very much. It’s very complicated.”

Human existence and the complexity of it all, is a mystery and a gift. The lyrical fortitude and honesty in ‘Softie’ is a testament to Wy’s talents and extremely prejudicial look into excellence of moods and subsequent outcomes.

Look out for the new album.

We think you’ll be compellingly surprised.



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