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Wyatt Blair ‘Boys Night Out’ : Shine and shimmer that is riotous, cute, and bell bottom chic.

That is why you enjoy it, so.

Wyatt Blair / Photo: Chelsea Brown

We’d called Wyatt Blair’s previous single as “Sun-tastic”. There’s a reason why, and as you listen to this classic 70’s/80’s pop delivery of ‘Boys Night Out’, you get it.

It’s that Rick Springfield shine and shimmer that is riotous, cute, and bell bottom chic. Wear your authentic cowboy hat with your braless ‘Aloha’ branded round neck t-shirt, and strut yourself around like you own the place. Your golden tan, from a California you’d never been, glares like a beacon in the darkness. And when that sun kissed hair of yours glance at the momentary life, your ambitions change as your outlook.

The boys and the girls, dance to this tune of stadium rock goodness.

‘Boys Night Out’ is fun. It’s straight out pop gumption. And it’s from another world.

That is why you enjoy it, so. The innocence and ‘put your hair down’ rock-ness is the essence of what Wyatt’s latest string of songs can mean for many.

Sure does us.

Los Angeles’ Wyatt Blair channels his struggles into massive arena rock/power-pop songs on his new EP For The First Time. “With For The First Time, I just wanted to write some straight pop-rock tunes,” said the artist. “Everyone has an outlet, some way of combating mental and physical conflict in their life. Music is my creative gym, honestly, it’s the way that I work through my neuroses. It’s a compulsion in the sense that, I need to do this for my health.”

On For The First Time Blair manages to get to the heart of what made it popular in the first place.




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