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Wyatt Blair – Jesse’s on fire again

Wyatt Blair’s Jesse’s On Fire Again brings that inconceivable tact a vagabond would respect – the essence to hitch that hip, be awkward, but kick butt like it’s 1999. We just love this song, what can we say.

It’s so fun. Just fun, light, delightful, 80’s dance-able-ness overflowing. Where’s that DVD of “Sixteen Candles”!

The reminiscing naked string noise of the guitar brings the force. And we emphasize that ‘force’ because from the get-go, the drum beats just make one move 45 degrees up and down- making each shoulder heave in compulsion. Our fingers pointed out, un-knowingly and automatically as soon as the song started; then they proceeded to ‘drum’ the edges of our work desks and pretended to hit the hi-hats to death.

But it’s death in 80’s sense. It’s pastel, it’s gorgeous.

Oh, and there’s always a “Jesse” in a song like this, don’t it? We imagine “Jesse” to be tall, sun-kissed blonde (slightly air blown and hair sprayed), as she dances gracefully down the white strip of sandy beach. Where by the way, the cast of Miami Vice strolled when they were off-duty.

Well, because chasing crime is a hard job. And very pastel.

Ok, ok. Anywho, as we’d said, we love this offering from Wyatt Blair.

It’s Sun-tastic!



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