Wyatt Moran ‘I’ve Got All I Need’ : The time to be sensitive to your real thoughts and emotions, comes alive.

Wyatt Moran

Beautifully crafted single ‘I’ve Got All I Need’ by Wyatt Moran, captures the angle of commitment to a new experience and the grandeur of a new love. The small and insignificant things, becomes brighter and more invasive to the clutter of the prior. The world seems better, and justified, as you slip deeper into the one thing that is pure.

Said Wyatt: “It’s really about the little things more than the big things… There was never a defining moment where there was this big thing and I knew I was interested; it was really just the nuance of the relationship that I became engrossed in.”

From a place of maturity and semblance, a heart of the most intimate, dangles with the wind and measures in analysis. A heart belongs, where it belongs, and when that flood of oceanic inspiration hits your senses, the time to be sensitive to your real thoughts and emotions, comes alive.

The north Minnesota (living in Boston Mass) native brings hearty songwriting acumen, with the gentility and communicative attributes, all easily embraceable.

Wyatt’s upcoming EP is out February 19, 2021 on Three Birds Music.


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