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WYRES Shares ‘Grenades’. An Airy And ‘Majestic’ Presentation In Synth And Arrangements.

It never occurred to us, in our hectic life-style. It wasn’t apparent in the hazy day to day, calendar hour by hour driven schedule. It wasn’t even noticeable. Our thoughts on the bigger questions on life, and our place in it.

We were afraid we were behind the curve, taking a back seat to the question others were struggling over.

We felt guilty.

Were we being the kind of human-citizens, deserving of our good fortunes and decadence?

Were we just slovenly tossing aside the urgencies and paranoias that surround us, in this world?

It was uncertain.

But we took solace, in that even us thinking and grinding about this questions, was a start to maybe – just maybe – coming to a satisfactory conclusion.


WYRES’ single ‘Grenades’ made us think about that large fact of life. Maybe it was the time of the day we were listening to it. Certainly the song isn’t about that very subject. However, the airy and ‘majestic’ presentation of the synth and arrangements, helped the conversation flow in our minds. For what it’s worth.

The group consists of Fredrik Forell & vocalist/text writer Arvid Jonsson.


Their latest self-titled EP is out now and can purchase [HERE].



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