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X. ARI // COATS // SILENTSHOUT // Matt Koeslch // The Swoons & Transviolet

X. ARI – Break Point

“Turn pain into power, using art..” is what describes X. ARI’s music making purpose. With powerful chicane in vocal acrobatics, the pop artist and singer/songwriter brings ‘Break Point’. A single that is the Toronto based artist’s followup to her 2018 EP ‘Dis-Order’. As she explores deeper and deeper into what mental health can mean for an individual, ‘Break Point’ delves into the symptoms named collectively as PTSD. And in it, and within the lyrics, X. ARI tells of her own breakdown in late 2016. “Having a mental health breakdown doesn’t just happen overnight,” X. ARI explains. “There’s a build up and a splitting point where you crack and you’re not really yourself anymore. This song describes that process and experience.” In serious issues such as this, it’s part of a healing process, and we’d like to think, when looking in, that the combination of her music video and the song writing process adds to her becoming ever stronger. Life is worth fighting for, ain’t it?

COATS – The Ways

COATS is a proud LGBTQ Indie artist. Full-stop. And the beautifully structured work of COATS extends beyond where you’d think you’d be. A perfect example is the the ‘The Ways’ has been crafted. The tropically tinged melancholic notes, blend seamlessly into the aromatic indulgences of a life that could be. And when listening to COATS’ vocals, you fall in love – at least you want to immediately. That’s what gravitas is all about. Bending, subtle, reminiscing of the thoughts and promises of a land of love we all would like to visit. The chorus is to die for, and you’ll soon agree that this force of an artist, will continue to develop and depict the menial world we live in, within a shower of forgivable rainbows of truth. We’re INTO COATS. Are you?

SILENTSHOUT – King of Nothing

Alina Cutrono and Theo Karonwhen are SILENTSHOUT. When they speak about a subject, the volume of each word is loud and clear. On that white page, the black streaks of lines, evoke all of the energies her stories in misery, self-doubt, and disfigurement of power and the world that caresses it. Utilizing EDM elements to amplify and solidify – not to just disseminate – the avant-garde electro-pop duo slashes, dives, mangles, and grates notes on notes to deliver the final formulations of love, lust, hate, and remembrance. All that in a tailored and meticulous song construction. The duo doesn’t want us to ‘give up’. It’s what we all should heed.

Matt Koeslch ft Georgia Feroce – All My Friends

With 70’s/80’s sensibilities locked down in this latest musical formulation from MATT KOESLCH, means that the sun will rise a bit more brighter the next day. What we mean is that the sun will bring better day, and luck for all of us. Why? Why not?? A song about the heart warming spirit of friendship after a prolonged absence. Reminiscing around a piano, basking in nostalgia and embracing the night. A timeless feeling and moment we all look forward to year after year while tapping glasses and breaking bread. “When writing this song we connected through our own struggles of being apart from the people we grew up with and saw on a regular basis. The distance has made us realize how special it is when we do get to spend time with family and friends, and it makes every reunion that much sweeter. True friendships do not suffer from time spent apart. With my best friends, we pick up right where we left off, as if no time has passed.”

The Swoons & Transviolet – Lost Frequency

Pop, indie, electronica, r&b: a combination that can evoke the highest in emotions, when done right. In the collaborative effort between THE SWOONS and TRANSVIOLET, simply does it right in ‘Lost Frequency’. The bitter, and the sultry delicately presents through the vocal shimmer. And with a chorus that delights in poignant energies, the time to love is nearer than we’d every thought. THE SWOONS are made up of Matthew Underwood, Tony Ann, Giacomo Timbrello and Trevor Myall. And the touch of additional elegance from TRANSVIOLET, translates and communicates, feeling of ultra importance in relationships now and forever.


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