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X. ARI – La La La

Singer/songwriter/artist and advocate for mental health, X. ARI, always comes with guns blazing in her songs. For the right cause, for the right to be happier – X. ARI’s single ‘La La La’ renders the empathetic notions in ‘living’ a nice kick in the petunias, as she rhymes some sense into the equation. Her motto? “To turn pain into power using art to do so.” There’s only one life to live, and as that sentiment drives her music, they defy genres and collectively turn in and out of the marked lanes with ample attitude. ‘Hope and the will to thrive’ is what we get from X. ARI’s songs of positivity. Within the layers of soul searching demands, the artist is your biggest fan and cheerleader. The Los Angeles based alt/pop artist stated about ‘La La La’: “[It] is an IDGAF (“I really don’t care.”) anthem about owning who you really are and being true to yourself.” Let’s care more by letting it all fall off your shoulders. Let’s live more. X. ARI would agree.

ZOË – Vulnerability Hangover

‘Vulnerability Hangover’ is a term coined by Brene Brown (a best selling author and researcher specializing in courage, vulnerability, shame, and empathy). The philosophy states: “The feeling that sweeps over us after we feel the need to connect… and we share something deeply meaningful. Minutes, hours, or days later, we begin to feel regret sweep over us like a warm wave of nausea.” And it is a subject of song from gorgeously voiced singer/songwriter ZOË. She stated about the song: “This term [‘Vulnerability Hangover’] inspired a truthful song written in twenty minutes at midnight, several hours after one of the many times I was open and honest and regretted it. Shame is a hard pill to swallow, but it’s something that all of us experience to varying degrees. This song is my attempt to connect with anyone and everyone who understands what it’s like to crave the freedom of not feeling judged when we are being our raw, uncensored selves.” ZOË’s songs are co-produced with Taylor Wilzbach, and from each note and song, she tries her largest to bring awareness for mental health to the fore. Like it or not, we all have hearts that need some tender care, and ZOË wants to be a positive addition to that therapeutic process. Kudos ZOË. Kudos.

Miss Madeline – Mary Jane

MISS MADELINE is that dream you’d had. A deep secret of the first order, in your mind. A secret that deserves your very attention. From the 2000’s pop vibe of r&b/soul shines through in this single ‘Mary Jane’. From note one to the last, the decadent offering, is a pop addition to ‘feminine youth’ and of ‘reclaiming body and power’. The selective vocals amplify MM’s tongue-in-cheek humor and satirical lyrics with bold brushes of angst and bravado that is right in line with the best of them. ‘Mary Jane’ is the mark-up of an artist whom vibes the world in a different way. And in her skin, her confidence to exude such a ‘confidence’ drips and drizzles out of her musical pours with max amount of admiration. MISS MADELINE coaxes her art to stay in the slice of life that fetishizes the norm, with the intent in diametrically opposing sentiments but beautifully engaging slather of the twisted. The new chapter of MM has begun, and we’ll all have to wait to see what happens from here.

Gina Brooklyn – Losers

We’d called GINA BROOKLYN this way: “[She] is so very talented. We get into her vocal habits, and we just don’t want to get out that comfort. With the juxtaposition of her lyrics, the delivery of her sanguine outlooks into love and life, inspires.” And that sentiment continues with her single ‘Losers’. A tale of the new and the current, love and being loved, foolishly moving forward with plans of not having plans. The lust for having love, that quenches every cell, is good enough for happiness and happiness of the purest offering. Gina stated about ‘Losers’: “This is my first co-write with Dr. Rosen Rosen (produced Meg Myers first album). I laid down all the music and produced it myself in my home studio.” The emblematic single of lovers who’d found love of a life-time, signals the depth in which Gina ponders and succumbs to the properties of craft. ‘Losers’ bring forth again, the subtle and the direct, at a pin point, where Gina delivers with ample gusto and reverence. Love is complicated. Gina makes it better.

Your Girl Pho – Five Thirty PM

Phoebe Gunson is YOUR GIRL PHO and she keeps on making tasty songs that are chock full of infectious hooks that distract you from work. You’re in a cubicle and the walls are as blueish gray as every other day. But that song from YBP ‘Five Thirty PM’ keeps you sane. Your insanity, kept at the edge of the word document on your computer screen, begs to differ and never wants you to forget where you are and where you should be. The uplifting positivity explores and explodes out of this fabulously affable single, as Phoebe sings (as she always does) in that grizzled but beautifully unique r&b tone that shimmers without really trying hard. Mountains of accolades have exemplified the artist’s journey so far, and all are deserved. The talented songstress keeps us entertained with mark-up visions and angles in tuning music for our hungry souls. Look for her at SOTA Festival 2019 show on June 3rd, in Perth.

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