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X Raiders // High Pijama // Osmunda Music // Stillhound // Soft Mothers

X Raiders – Fleshwolf

Mosh-pit? That’s what you think when listening to ‘Fleshwolf’. It’s the good kind. Get a little bruisin’, but you come out of it better than ever, with new attitudes and a healthier view on life. No? Too much of a stretch? Okay. But don’t fret, X RAIDERS will keep you up, if you know what we mean. No silly! Keep you up in ‘energy’ and ‘rock n roll excitement! Get your head out of the gutter! So, how about some moshin’? Get to know X RAIDERS’ ‘Fleshwolf’. Don’t let our silliness distract you. Get to listening. You’ll feel better.

High Pijama – Break Inside

HIGH PIJAMA comes from the land of Barcelona, and bearing gifts of sonic bliss, the latest ‘Break Inside’ is that EDM/disco kick that all the kids are talking about. With a tint of brooding, new-wave vibe, which suits it so well, the sheathe of tenderness and empathy flows through to our ears, with majestic results. This is the 2nd single, with “so many influences, that genre could hardly be described, but for sure it is a solid grown up music, that fits and hits a lot of formats.” We agree HP, we agree.

Osmunda Music – Eternal Wheel

OSMUNDA MUSIC is Rebecca Trujillo and in this beautiful single ‘Eternal Wheel’ the singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer, delves into her passion for long distant memories and sentimental tidings, in life and heart. Displaying world-music bliss, the acoustic guitar driven ode, lyrically and in frame, takes snapshots of needs, wants, and promises, in the hopes of reclaiming the footprints that had shaped her so. Her journey continues, as her decades of songwriting reveals new petals for her fans to rejoice.

Stillhound – Walk In The Park

The trio of childhood friends from Scotland puts a stake in the ground, claiming their due history. With ‘Walk In The Park’ their calm and prolific bliss, bounds out from the instruments, in an orb of atmospheric decadence. A foreign anti-body of soundscape juxtapositions, render your psyche numb with pleasure and discontent, as you’d want more and more. We’d stated about STILLHOUND as “emotive lyrics, emotional delivery, passionate” in the past. We think that declaration stands with chins held high. Look for more when they drop their new self titled album March 22nd.

Soft Mothers – Help Me Out

San Antonio based band SOFT MOTHERS’ latest is a slow burner, that is more decisive than you think. ‘Help Me Out’ was written in 2016 and its original purpose was to show “a snippet of the style that is wanted to be achieved”. That statement tells a lot, and reveals just how careful the band was about revealing their material to the world. But they needn’t have worried, for ‘Help Me Out’ does reveal truth and that redeeming quality that we humans want to achieve. It’s that silent shoulder to cry on, when you’re anguishing, by yourself, alone and scared. The world is large, but your own inner world can be larger. So, yes, SOFT MOTHERS is here to stay, and ready to expound on their talents, for all of us to access. ‘Help Me Out’ was written by Luis Rocha (Ellis Redon), Shaz Soto Munet ( Por Du Sol), and Justin Mora (Processions). Look for their full LP in fall of 2019.


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