Xanthe Alexis ‘Moon’ : Evoke in inexorable tablets of wisdom.

Xanthe Alexis

From a position of ‘rather’, Xanthe Alexis re-discovers for us, the tangible and the ‘obsessive’. A quickening of intentions and variables of living, conjure into form in the light of Xanthe’s lyrical propositions.

American Songwriter stated: “After opening a healing center with her mother, Alexis released her critically lauded debut, ‘Time of War,’ in 2016. Hailed as “arresting” and “intimate” by the Colorado Springs Independent, the album garnered a best of 2017 award from Roots Music Report, earned Alexis dates everywhere from Folk Alliance to Americanafest, and helped her land a three-week residency at NYC art collective the Mothership. Longing for a change after more than a decade of touring the US and Europe by car and van, Alexis eventually traded in the road for the rails, supporting the album with a series of whirlwind tours that crisscrossed the western United States by train.”

Rigor and tantamount assertions, mingle in a bar of hopes and story telling with ‘Moon’. A chilled and strangely affectionate tingle up and down your spine of wants that delight and trigger the most intimate of self dealings.

Evoke in inexorable tablets of wisdom.


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