XIII ‘My Josephine’ : Death in the most decadently painful and luscious.

XIII / Photo: @matsufotos

A sledgehammer is what it is. The most heaviest of hearts, sharpened by angst, driven by lust, XIII’s grievous single ‘My Josephine’ gets all of the right buttons pushed, and you just won’t know what just happened.

“As you take a deep breath and start to walk slowly towards the dark, gritty structure, you can taste the smoke gently trickling from the chimney… getting closer still, you notice the stress cracks in the timber and how nicely they’ve soaked up the stains…”

Dark and unadulterated, the gripping fever of palpitating unruliness, receives in a happenstance of vectors in heart-fire and burning desires. The burning embers, charge the incessant manic voices in your head, and there in the corner is XIII – staring, warning, bullying – loving your senses, to your death.

Death in the most decadently painful and luscious.

XIII’s EP ‘Heard Of Cows?’ is exhilaratingly perplexing. It’s just what you wanted, deep inside your soul.


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