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XIRA // Beck Pete // Laney Lynx // Emmrose // Micah & Julia

Beck Pete – Same Song

“Same Song is about realizing that you are repeating the same behaviors in the gray area with someone you adore, expecting a different result, and in turn, realizing that means this interaction has brought you to the brink of insanity. It is the turning point where you realize someone needs to be all in or get out of your life, so you don’t go fully out of your mind.” Beck Pete is a pop artist with the vocals to conquer the highest peaks and mightiest of rivers. “I am dedicated to love, feelings, self-awareness, and telling stories about those things. I am a muse-based writer, inspired by moments and people that make me feel a little extra alive. For the rest of my life, I just hope to make people feel less alone and more understood..” With freedom of knowing what’s happened; of love, of hate, of possibilities, of self determination. That determination of where we stand, and the ask of “Will you be there with me?” Decide. Beck’s latest EP ‘Muse’ is available now.

Laney Lynx – Bad Attitudes

Brooklyn based indie pop artist Laney Lynx swoops in with her vibin’ vocals, tough and soft. Delivering with the feelings of a best friend consoling you with the attitude to recharge, the days go on with betterment. A throwback in a sense, the r&b/soul vibes ting off of the shine of her indie drive. And when all things come together well, ‘Bad Attitudes’ exemplifies the goodness that is pop and where it could be. The charm and effect, delight with cool and calm which Laney demonstrates through out.

Emmrose – Hopeless Romantics

Something new. Something old. Something in between. ‘Hopeless Romantics’ is an offering of a different decade, and its best and brightest. The spark of creativity dances through the lips of Emmrose and her musical delivery. The 16 year old, living in New York City, attends La Guardia High School as a junior. She has been writing, recording and performing her music since the age of fourteen, and shows a virtue of dynamics in her writing. Even better, her bold methods of arrangement, is indie, modern, nostalgic, and nuanced. ‘Hopeless Romantics’ delivers as the teen with the mostest, accepts the challenges of songwriting and, at the same time, delivers in spades. Captivatingly bright, the single shows what Emmrose the project can and will accomplish. See Emmrose and her band next @ Rockwood Music Hall, Stage 3 NYC on December 18th.

XIRA – Not a Tomboy

‘Not a Tomboy’. Giving us a laid-back, ‘you-can’t-mess-with-me’ attitude in her vocal delivery and strong lyrical content, paired with catchy pop melodies. Anthemic, as you’d expect, the song that was written on a plane, a burst of budgeted but exuberant enthusiasm for double-standards comes up aces with ‘Not A Tomboy’. In a more general sense, the song is about ‘equality’, ‘fairness’, and accountability of society – of our modern age – to come full circle to, consistency and progression. A declaration for the girls, and boys of every back ground, ‘Not A Tomboy’ sings with affection while it drives home a fact of life. Doing it in a bouncy, pop vibe, is a bonus, to be sure.

Micah & Julia – 2

This young, up and coming duo Micah and Julia, are ‘love’ when singing together. An angelic vibe, produced in a combination of hearts, intertwined. Time and space pause, just a bit to let the sparkles of life to catch up in this rule and laws of nature. The single ‘2’ is a musical delight. The focus is highlighted by the vocals, but its fabulously charming arrangement. The protagonists, deliberated by the powers of predicaments, demand a decision on that split in the road. You. Her. Him. Us. We can make it, no matter what. And we can do this ‘together’ – forever – truly – deeply. Chemistry is displayed for all of us to witness. The duo with Dutch and Spanish roots, come mightily in this project.


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