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Xiu Xiu does ZZ Top: ‘Sharp Dressed Man’ in glorious 7 inches.

After performing ZZ Top’s song “Sharp Dressed Man” for AV Club’s Undercover series, the song quickly became a fan favorite in Xiu Xiu’s live set, so after tour the band hopped in the studio to record a proper version of the cover.

Xiu Xiu’s Jamie Stewart had this to say about the recording “The stars had aligned. I had no idea what a radical guitar part it was and what a pleasure it was to learn. By the end of the song I had to have 4 different fuzz and distortion pedals on to make it as zonked out as it needs to be.”

The 7″s b-side (aka ZZ Bottom) features Italian band (r), who provides a “minimal, experimental, goth, cabaret version” of “Gimme All Your Lovin’.”

Pre-order now on half gray/half pink vinyl.

The split 7″ ships on Dec. 8 and both tracks are available digitally on that date as well.


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