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X.N. Shares ‘Inhale’. “It Hurt And I Clutched My Chest, Over My Sweater, As I Grimaced.”

I’d been walking down this little back road in the hills, for some time now. It was a bit chilly, and all the leaves seemed to have fallen down to the ground. It was Autumn, I gathered. And as I checked out what I had on (boots, raincoat, corduroy pants, backpack, etc) I kept on walking down the same road.

The muddy sides were a bit dangerous looking. So I made sure I stayed in the center of the route. The leaves were all on the sides and center of the road. There were some jagged rocks and pebbles with in the brown dirt, but nothing seriously odd.

When I looked up to the sky, a bird passed by, making no noise or any sound. The branches were all bare, beside several dangling leaves between them.

Then a slight breeze caught my attention.

It was chilly.

So, I automatically made myself adjust my thick scarf, and put part of it over my nose and mouth.

I then stood there.

Again, muttering: “Where am I? Why am I in this desolate place?”

Then, a sudden thump of my heart told me where I was.

It hurt and I clutched my chest, over my sweater, as I grimaced.

X.N.’s ‘Inhale’ is a beautiful take on misgivings and mis-steps, and it’s a thoroughly enjoyable ride – melancholic, it may be.



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