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xOxford – Be Yours

Dreamy synth-pop band xOxford is based out of Englewood, Colorado. And the duo makes it their mission to keep love at the forefront with ‘Be Yours’. Everyday can be Valentines day in memory. And when two lovers match in that same sentiment, the heavens are the limit. Every color of things around you change with the shimmer of a long lost movie with melancholic vibes and exquisite love scenes. Will you be her’s? Will you be his? Only your mind, body, and soul can tell the other. So, let’s get the communication right up front and center. It’s the perfect solution to a question that will ever linger in the ether. Fab pop bop from xOxford for the lover in you. No matter where you may be.

Tony Thames – Summer’s Coming Soon

TONY THAMES is a pop singer/songwriter and producer based in Brooklyn. His single ‘summer’s Coming Soon’ is a celebration of sorts, where the sun-shine of the bright season, casts a smile on faces of all ages. He’s here to take note and remind everyone of the good things and happiness to come. The sultry r&b/soul vibe is embedded deep within this single, amplifying Tony’s vocals that emphasize the readiness of our hearts for the good times to roll. The anticipation is what the song is about, and it positively makes our emotions blush with inquisitive readiness. We’re all suckers for the summer season, and Tony’s single adds another layer to make that sentiment even more compelling.

Maeve Steele – Real

Minimalism. Candor. In expression. In personality. MAEVE STEELE’s single ‘Real’ clicks in to place as it hits all of your self-induced trauma you’d beset for your own being and existence. Don’t be like that. The love that couples in the golden tresses of life, brightens with an endurance for the righteous heart. Your heart. Based out of Nashville, the California native brings a swift distinction into her pop aesthetics and ambitions. ‘Real’ is a quest for the ‘something’ that is out there. The protagonist knows it’s ‘YOU’. Are you the one who will make things make sense again? The slow drizzle of ‘Real’ is a real struggle for the new and for the comfort of the past. Clash of such vibes, live in MAEVE STEELE.

Mone – Romance

mone is the pop music you’d always wanted. But never knew lived. Nina Liv is the head and heart behind this exquisite tapestry of bars and notes. The 24 year old Danish sound-design student has remarkably gotten it together with ‘Romance’ in a big way. With the best traditions of Bjork, Kate Bush, and Tori Amos, the inquisitively fascinating artist delves into much of the emotional impacts of love and loss. Up and down with organic digitization, mone delivers with her haunting vocals and unrepeatable vigor of her tone. Mone state: “I spent a large part of my childhood behind my parents piano, fooling around with both classical and jazz music. In my teens I fell in love with the electronic genre and ever since, I have spent my time creating a universe around this creature I call ‘mone’.” Nina’s plan is to release several more singles in 2019, leading up to her debut EP for Autumn 2020.

Curtacy – Oh Yeah (feat. Zaena)

CURTACY produces this gem of a single named ‘Oh Yeah’. Collaboration with vocalist, Zaena, the beats driven pop tune, accomplishes to mix South and Middle East sensibilities, expertly translated into a tropical house beat that is charming and driving. Although enveloped with much of the current hiphop-pop tropes, the way CURTACY has arranged the single, makes it shine above. CURTACY takes inspiration from artists like Tupac, Drake, The Weeknd, Kanye West, Jay-Z, and producers Daft Punk, Timbaland, Pharrell, Scott Storch. A good list, to be sure. Take a look at the season of summer and fall. Love and solitude comes and goes. We hope CURTACY’s singles keep pouring.


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