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Music Video For Xul Zolar’s Single ‘Nightfalls’ Delights Our Mystic Side.

Cologne Germany based XUL ZOLAR comes bearing gifts in dark musical beauty in title track ‘Nightfalls’ off of their upcoming new EP.

The veteran outfit (formed in 2011) creates captivating sounds with that insurmountable and unteachable vibe of angst and ‘naivite’ that describes the listener at heart. That can only mean that the songs that they’d created hits home and are majestically poignant, relatable, and dang good.

The band said of the EP: “Instead of moving on straight to work on our second full length we opted for the EP format which is a perfect playground to experiment and try things out. One aspect in which the songs of the EP differ from those on our record is that, while retaining electronic elements and influences, the sound is more ‘band-like’. For example while we often used triggered drums and samples on the all of the drums and percussion on the EP are played live and recorded. Another major difference to the last record is that the tracks on the EP are the first ones on which we worked as a four piece. We never follow a strict formula and though the tracks on the EP are in our opinion a clear continuation of our previous work, they are different enough to keep both the listener and us excited.”

‘Nightfalls’, a followup to ‘Perfume’, is a beautiful acolyte to their already impressive discography. The innovative invitation to music is inherent in their bodies of work, never seeming to wilt in the inevitable beckoning to trends.

See Ronald Röttel, Marin Geier, Dennis Hofmann, and Dennis Enyan @ Bumann & Sohn in Cologne on September 25th w/ Köln.

Get to know one of Germany’s more exciting alt bands.



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