Xul Zolar ‘Your Ways’ (Live) : Good things are worth repeating. Cleanse your decadence.

Xul Zolar

Xul Zolar is a band to watch and then watch some more. Listen and listen till your ears can’t cry no more. They are Ronald Röttel, Marin Geier, Dennis Hofmann, and Dennis Enyan.

And since forming in 2011, Xul Zolar have gained recognition for their captivating sound and live presence, including performances at major European festivals Dockville, c/o Pop, Immergut and Incubate, as well as support shows and tours with the likes of Battles, Future Islands, Balthazar and SOHN. Having honed their craft, they have earned the label of being one of the most promising indie acts to come out of Germany in recent years.

They’d debuted their official music video for ‘Your Ways’ back last September. But just like anything that you see quality and excellence in, their live session music video here is a compelling and attention inducing as ever. The gaze of each of the talented members, just transcend their instruments and just explode into the camera with darkened and gray focus.

This song just hurts so good.

More please.


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