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XXAIA // Little People // Felish // Cat Turner // J Armesto

XXAIA – Down

XXAIA is a pocket of rocket blast from a small town in Texas. And her single ‘Down’ is an anthem for our day to day routines. XXAIA has seen her worth of heartaches and seeming disappointments. The athletic future collegiate, felt the brunt of life’s unfairness via a knee injury that took away her athletic career. Not a possible collegiate start or even a USA Olympian any longer, she had to move on from this devastating set-back. And she strolled deeply into a dark place of solitude, sympathy, and depression. But she emerged one day with a resolve for a new day. Music developed from within, and she followed that urge to express through her ’71 Martin acoustic. She wanted to, now, create her own best reality through the voice of her inner song. Her darker emotional past, has paved the way for a dynamic single like ‘Down’ for us to absorb. The supple ‘anger’ is crusted within the borders of how she displays her songs, but without becoming blinded. XXAIA knows the future can be brighter, everyday, every second. And we dig that of her, for sure.

Little People – Embrace

LITTLE PEOPLE is profound. From a ground of harmonic decadence, the clarity of images and memories seamlessly slide upon each other, framing story on delicious story. The beats and blips, counter the arguments in love, and the spacial displacement of thoughts and inner demons. Pause, happens when staggered to surprise. But love – pure love – shouldn’t give you such hesitations. ‘Embrace’ uncorks that immersive remedy, and encompasses the essence in a hiphop/r&b tower of viscus sounds. The producer and wrangler of music, Laurent Clerc, can be found everywhere.

Felish – Lost Momentum (prod. Bussauto)

Afro-Swedish artist FELISH comes at us with a new collaboration with Australian producer BUSSAUTO. “This song being our second release, has both been a heartfelt, inspiring and revealing process musically for me,” stated FELISH. “I have unconsciously challenged myself to write in a different way; to be more bold lyrically, melodically and structure wise. I love the turnout on LM cause it has this darkness and at the same time a clarity and light, and that suits me.” There is a level of depth and honesty in FELISH’s work and ‘Lost Momentum’, taking advantage of the successful collab of her previous single, takes her sultry vocals and sensibilities to the next chapter.

Cat Turner – Easier

You know you wanna. You know you’re intrigued. Yes. CAT TURNER’s vocals. Does it turn you on – to her unique turn on what her brand of music should be? It sure does, us. With an unembellished froth in the vocal pangs, Cat makes this simple layer in story telling, into an extravaganza of sounds that keeps on giving. The taunting value of ‘Easier’ is grinding and animalistic in nature, but as demure and self-reliant as we can imagine, Cat really is. The Irish artist will captivate you and yours. In fact we’d been into Cat’s works since we got wind of her EP drop ‘Contrasts’. We’d called her then “The electro-pop gal from Galway Ireland is a delectable cry of distinctive vocal growls, theatrical resonance, and performance art.” She’ll get you on board, as she’d done to us. ‘Easier’ is the follow up single to her debut EP.

J Armesto – Childhood feat. ᎶʍѴ

Uplifting and ani-motional, J ARMESTO’s return to such pop-gratitude is amazingly beautiful to experience. Even if it’s for just several minutes at a time, our longing for our past exists and has a right to be taken out for examination, from time to time. The future needs a bit of push, by looking at what it was like. “I wrote the song Childhood in a blast of nostalgia, reminiscing and longing to go back once again to those golden years, thinking of how different life gets afterwards.” The vibe of heartening melancholy, is deep within the make up of this single and it’s a refreshing reminder.


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