Yael Naim ‘How Will I Know’ : A flickering start of hearts’ beats, anointed to darkness, forever more in tomb.

Yael Naim

It’s a search for the meaning underneath the meaning. It’s the upper crust of inquisition, of self, which is never complete, as the world of people and loved ones spin in and out of view. It’s a pouring enclave of immovable uncertainties. A flickering start of hearts’ beats, anointed to darkness, forever more in tomb.

Will they be cast for the sun to shine?

“One thing I learnt during the process of making this record is that if you stop pretending that you are Superman, then people will tell you that they feel the same way as you.” said Yael.

The loss of Yael’s beloved father, Daniel, is of two themes that dominate the ‘NightSongs’ album – the other being the birth of her second child. These huge changes in her life inspired a new spell of self-discovery, which in turn changed how she approached songwriting.

The songs – darker and deeper than before – were for the first time written, arranged and produced entirely independently. The result is the most remarkable, unguarded and absorbing album of her career.

Let it shine, indeed.

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Nightsongs is supposed to be released this friday… what a strange time… When I started to imagine those night songs- they were about a dream to slow down and a will to connect and listen to the voice inside of us … the voice that doesn’t fear, that doesn’t rely on results, the voice that is free and true. 3 years of creating alone as well as 3 years of living and growing through hard and equally beautiful and strong moments. And now… I can’t travel around promoting this album, and in a weird way it makes sense… So I’ll stay home and slow down like all of us, and let the music and the words speak for themselves. Nightsongs will be out and whatever happens, happens. I’m sharing it with you with all of my love and strength in this very peculiar time. I hope it finds a way to your hearts… Stay home and be safe

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