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YALI // Hugo Fowler // Noora // Andi // Harrison Storm

YALI – Keep Me Sane

YALI (Yael Blankstein) is a 24 year old singer-songwriter/pianist/producer from Israel. ‘Keep Me Sane’ is the first single taken from her debut EP ‘Why Do Flowers Mean Love?’ and with its glitchy depths and mahogony back-drop, you’re transported into YALI’s world, inevitably. Many things take place within the domino effects of YALI’s personal life, but none more significantly as her childhood fight with bone cancer. She continues to draw experience and inspiration from her bout with the disease, as she keep on pushing her own limits and boundaries. Her energy on stage is in stark contrast to her permanent disability that affects her mobility. Strength, ambition, focus, and self-knowledge of self-worth is where she decides to fight. And on that vast expanse, it’s an uphill battle that she knows she can tackle with the best of ’em. Disability has no dominance in her life. Nor in her vision in music.

Hugo Fowler – Ruby

HUGO FOLWLER’s fun and charming single ‘Ruby’ is about a gal named Ruby. The formation of self confidence and the gumption to tackle the world before her, she takes her steps to break away from the old traditions of heart and notion. Hugo has been an onstage actor, originating from Joshua Tree, California, the now New Yorker, continues his love and affection for performing arts with a 25+ years of acting zeal. The surrounding charm is embedded in the edges of ‘Ruby’. With purposefully reserved, but soaring contrasts in his vocals, he invites us to join him in this adventure.

Noora – Blues

Something about NOORA’s way of delivering her pop songs makes us understand. It’s subtle, but it works. And when it works, it hits. And when it hits, it can be construed as being forever. We’d said about her prior: “Clarity in voice. Clarity in heart. The artist beautifully expresses the only way she can.” The jewel of NOORA is that ‘clarity’. From the surface it seems it’s just a skin deep comparison that is prevalent in the market. But there is something else, beneath and with the shine that deserves to be shown off. ‘Blues’ is one of those. NOORA said: “Sometimes people are way too passive, if you see something you like, go get it. This song describes being in the club and fantasizing about a connection with somebody from afar; longing for interaction. The main idea behind ‘No Invitation’ is questioning the antagonists hesitation to approach me, ultimately declaring in the hook that they don’t need an invitation to do so.”

Andi – Lost In Translation

Refreshing and painted forever in glitter of significance, the love tales that Caledon East originating pop artist ANDI brings to the table is a timeless vibe. Pop, Soul, Jazz, r&b are soaked in an organic feeling electronics swagger that is unmistakable and delectable to listen. The cast of characters emboldened within ‘Lost In Translation’ sets forth a crashing wave after wave of memories that casts a warm feeling all over your body. The confident and empathetic vocals of ANDI sets forth a chain reaction of revelry and jealousy for her talents. But that’s okay. Don’t be jealous. You can have her songs with you, everywhere – whenever, where ever (a la Maxwell). Just so cool and cool to wear around your personal vibe, today and everyday.

Harrison Storm – Falling Down

The video is for the title track ‘Falling Down’ from his latest EP. Harrison has spent his life traveling to numerous parts of Australia in a wagon with his friends, spending time camping and surfing. His life epitomizes outdoor living and it comes through in his music. Launching his vocals as though it’s a soaring bird on its journey towards another continent, the vulnerability mounts onto an assault of the heart as HARRISON STORM’s vibes casts that warm glow and revelry. The sultry visions wave hello then goodbye to the tone of spectrums, seen and then embraced. Harrison’s works have a way with that. That new horizon and the journey towards it continues. Let’s go with Harrison. See Harrison next @ SLO Brew Rock San Luis Obispo, California on September 20th.


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