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YAMSKI Shares ‘K.G’. “Why Did She Feel About Him So…But It’s Too Late.”

Irrespective of the train she was supposed to get on, she waited by the edge of the station door. She’d been indecisive all morning, ever since a text was sent to her by him. It was the message that she’d wanted for a long, long time.

Her insides were on fire and at the same time, she couldn’t help but be ‘angered’. Why did he wait so long to let her know? Why was he being so thick headed for so long?

Why did she feel about him so, through out the last several years?

As she waited at the platform, the electronic message from the speakers announced the departure time. As she woke from the tears she felt streaming over her cheeks, she snapped back to reality.

Her eyes open, her heart closed.

Then she stepped forward to the new future she had to embrace.

The train door closed behind her, as she text him back.

“I love you too. But it’s too late. You be well.”

YAMSKI is a talent. His self production of singles, like ‘K.G.’ is fully invested, emotional, dynamic, reticent, fatalistic, and most of all, supplies the ‘tactile’ experience you rarely get from a song.

The raw mixing contributes to the roller coaster of a ride, and with YAMSKI’s lyrics, it tears down the walls of what IS and what CAN BE.


Hope to know more about YAMSKI in the future.


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