YAS ‘Caroline’ : A delicate balance of vision and forethought.

Sanity is at your mercy.


An exercise in exploration, YAS (Yasmeen Al-Mazeedi), comes up aces with ‘Caroline’. The classically trained violinist-vocalist, songwriter, composer/producer mixes triumphantly in the results of this single. A dark and misty intransigence of thoughts and feelings, draw out the emotions of confusion, adoration, happiness, and consolement, within. The drawing of individual parities in somber reluctances, crumble in the heaps of weighty subjects – down in the folds of the beckoning suggestions.

Los Angeles-based YAS’ creativity is distinct, dynamic, sharply edged and takes you into a pop world you’d wanted – but didn’t know how.

Stated YAS: “Our sonic inspiration for the track was French alt-pop duo Love Supreme. Lately we’ve been experimenting with spacious sonic texture and playing around with building tension and releasing it in a way that feels unexpected.”

Conflicts and remorse. Fulfillment and degradation. They are one on another side of your argument for living and existing. A delicate balance of vision and forethought, can fall apart at any second. So, with that in mind, we must try our best to keep that balance, taught and contingent.

Sanity is at your mercy.

YAS worked with taylor from earth for ‘Caroline’. Taylor is a songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist hailing from Napa, California.


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