YASHA ‘Under Pillow’ : Observation made in song. Check-mate.


YASHA is a Berlin based indie project from the 23 year old Jáchym Kovář. Supported by his honest lyrics, occasional acting, and visuals, his songwriting focuses on talking mainly about everyday life in the cages which we build in our minds.

Originally from the Czech Republic but now based in Germany, the young producer, singer and songwriter asserts an indie presence and shines with his debut single ‘Under Pillow’.

“‘Under Pillow’ is a song about how we present a fabrication of ourselves to others for their approval,” said YASHA. “The happens especially on social networks every day, projecting our insecurities and anxieties from what we see in the mirror because we are truthfully someone else in private.”

Observation made in song. Check-mate.


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