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YEAH BUT NO Shares Music Video For ‘Run Run Run’.

YEAH BUT NO is Douglas Greed and Fabian Kuss, and they have made some big impressions with their music in recent months. The lyrical vibrancy is seamlessly intertwined within the composition, that it deserves a grander announcement. The experimental electronica project is a single of utter poignancy and it rises to an occasion of rhythmic empathy and luscious decadence.

Dealing with inner and outer conflicts and contrarieties, ‘Demons’ is a slightly darker and more mature piece of music than the bands previous releases. Following the nervous, rhythmically driven ‘Caught Between Stations’, and the Wave-ish ‘I Don’t Want To Know’, this new track concentrates on a steady flow in a dark mood. “Run Run Run” tells about secrets, that insolvably stand in so.’s way, so escaping seems to be the only solution.

See them next @ KaterBlau in Berlin, November 21st.



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