Yehan Jehan ‘Invisible Friends’ : Gliding. Pure escapism.

Yehan Jehan

Paris-based multi-instrumentalist, producer and artistic polymath Yehan Jehan returns with the future funk of new single ‘Invisible Friends’. The track flies on a classic guitar-funk groove, while the lyrics pass on words of reassurance and hope to the younger Yehan.

“Invisible Friends is a time capsule of a period when I was at school, growing up in North London,” he said. “It’s a memory trip of the good and bad times, mostly bad actually as I never really liked the school I was at. This song is pure escapism for that younger me for the bus ride home.”

Yehan Jehan’s elegant, gliding songs can trace a lineage back to Steely Dan and Hall & Oates, as well as easing next to contemporaries like Jungle and Kindness.


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