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YELLE Shares ‘OMG!!!’ North American Tour Announced For November.

We hadn’t followed YELLE’s career for a long while. It’s totally because of CHF’s lack of discipline that neglected one of our fave artists out there. We first saw her and became infatuated when she first released ‘A Cause Des Garcons’ and then was kicked in the face when the Re-mix version by Tepr, came to pass. Think that’s when the ‘tecktonik’ dance craze was going around. We certainly didn’t get that fever, because, as we’d said many times before, we can’t dance very well.

In any case, we loved YELLE’s aesthetics, her voice, her lyrics (when translated), and her intense eyes.

And ALL of that comes to us now in the form of this fabulous pop single ‘OMG!!!’

It’s what you want from YELLE – and then some.

Her style is still modern, relevant, and very much accessible for current and future fans. The injection of digital and synth, in a more house-techno feel is the contrast that this single brings.

And just like the hamster (mouse?), we dig it and just bob our heads to it.

She’s announced a North American tour and if you can hack it, you should take a look-see.


Aug. 24 – Paris – Festival Rock en Seine
Oct. 26 – Mexico City – Foro Indie Rocks
Oct. 27 – Monterrey – Cafe Iguana
Oct. 28 – Guadalajara – C3 Stage
Oct. 30 – Orlando – The Social Backroom
Oct. 31 – Miami – The Ground Club Space
Nov. 02 – Atlanta – Aisle 5
Nov. 03 – Chapel Hill – Local 506
Nov. 05 – Baltimore – Soundstage
Nov. 06 – Philadelphia – The Fillmore
Nov. 08 – New York – Zone One at Elsewhere
Nov. 10 – New York – Zone One at Elsewhere
Nov. 11 – New York – Zone One at Elsewhere

Jan. 11 – Adelaide – So French So Chic Festival
Jan. 13 – Melbourne – So French So Chic Festival
Jan. 19 – Sydney – So French So Chic Festival
Jan. 24 – Lyon – Le Transbordeur
Jan. 26 – Strasbourg – La Laiterie
Fev. 14 – Bordeaux – Rocher de Palmer
Fev. 21 – Copenhagen – Lille Vega
Fev. 22 – Stockholm – Debaser Strand


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