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Yellow Days ‘Nothing’s Going To Keep Me Down’ circulates the blood, to the surface, bubbling.

Sun up, sun down, leg up, leg down, excitement, darkness – Yellow Days’ Nothing’s Going to Keep Me down is a testament to his dedication to the irony of trying to be. Go forward, and look upon the town below the hill. There’s a mountain behind you now.

But it’s not all a lost cause.

For this little diddy is a blues based little tyrant, coming straight from the UK.

Rather than sit there and sulk, Diana christened her aim for infatuation to that higher being, in that other land of lands- far far away. Thinking was what she did best. And it’s not a god-send, for she was a misfit. And she knew it.

Sometimes though, she wanted to lash out. Not hurt people or animals or things. But just lash out, expressing her deepest thoughts and extravagant misgivings.

She needed amplification.

She needed to thrive on a central stage. Just like Shakespeare, she thought to herself.

It wasn’t long, until she did take that first step.

Outgoing, friendly, energetic, forthright.

She hated it, in hindsight.

Yellow Days will be in Los Angeles for ‘School Night’ showing.

We dig.



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