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Yellow Shoots // Jocelyn & Chris Arndt // Aaron Taos // Illicit Ghost // Releaser

Yellow Shoots – everything (official music video)

Captivating and a call to the goddesses who exist, inside and out, the Brooklyn based producer/artist YELLOW SHOOTS delivers another delight of grays on top of colorful promises in ‘Everything’. Off the of the debut LP of the same title, he stated: “I wanted to make this video in surroundings that I was really familiar with. It was fun to go back and play off of settings that I’ve had burned in my brain since childhood. It’s sort of like expanding childhood memories in a way.”

Jocelyn & Chris Arndt – Outta My Head

Jocelyn & Chris Arndt are siblings with soul and power in expression. Jocelyn’s arresting vocals make you pause and delight at the new shine in the world. As the two drive with instrumentals with grit and pop-sophistication, the duo can’t help but get on your good side. “Outta My Head” was the first song Chris and I wrote for our upcoming record “The Fun in the Fight.” I’d gotten the melody stuck in my brain sometime over the course of writing our previous album “Go,” but it stayed that way – stuck in my brain – for months.” ‘Outta My Head’ is very much embedded in our psyche. Looking for more and more from the power duo.

Aaron Taos – Is It Anything?

As AARON TAOS reminds us: “Is It Anything?” is a reflection song about a career in music. It’s about the constant questioning “Am I good enough?,” “What am I trying to say?” “Do I even want it anyway?” WTF. But it makes sense, doesn’t it? Life is that complicated, you know. It’s mostly ‘faking it, until you make it’ right? We learn as we go on, and perfect it with new knowledge. As long as you have the passion and energy, there’s a chance that anything could be achieved. Worth it? According to Aaron, it’ll take work. But for sure. Word. ‘Is It Anything’ is off of the upcoming ‘Birthday Boy’ (February 2019).

Illicit Ghost – Parties by Myself

‘Parties By Myself’ is such a bad-ass song. It’s that bad-ass because (1)the protagonist know what she is, (2)she accepts who she is and will always be, and (3)the world can push her down, but she’ll keep coming back with a vengeance. Mere mortals can’t stop her, her meaning, her will in life. The drive to make yourself motivated to push on and evolve as a being on this Earth, is tough. ILLICIT GHOST knows the score, and she’s confident of what she can stake in this world – no matter the end result, at least she’s done it her way. The Brooklyn based multi-instrumentalist and artist makes it happen.

Releaser – Taking over

The world was crumbling around him as he raced in his super-charged steed. As the buildings of desire burned to the ground, with accelerated path, he put his sunglasses on with furiousness stamped onto this heart for his purpose. As he looked on to the other side of the half broken bridge to eternity, he saw her vision right in front of his face. As she tells him his reason for being, he raged in fever, and shouted, “Wait for me!!” The pedal to the metal, engine pumping 1000 horses, he saw his new future ready and blooming within their new future. Brand new band RELEASER’s ‘Taking Over’ just stirred up something real, and we like what it did. With driving energy and pension for excitement, the band is a live session dream. Stephen, Andre, Duane and Jeremy makes the world into one big fun-ride.


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