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yellow shoots Shares ‘desert rose (music video)’.

YELLOW SHOOTS is Greg Matthews, and he does things with style. His style. His own ambitions. His own way of lusting, loving, caressing, understanding. ‘Desert Rose’ is one of those examples when time stands in pause. Off of his upcoming single, Matthews’ smooth education flips the sizzle into a little packet of falsetto grillz.

The road to the station in the Universal high, is a long one.

“It’s essentially about being obsessed with someone and building a whole distorted world around that person,” Matthews explains. “You realize it’s all make-believe when you come back down to reality. The object of your affection won’t give you the time of day, but you create a fictitious vision.”

Matthews is a student of music, and his influence have garnered him, enough of the angst, correctly funneled into an art-form, he wants to construct – needs to construct.

There’s no shame in what you do. Only recognizing and accepting others’ criticisms, you verify their claims. It’s no tally on your bank account of life. It’s what you define, no matter what the word may depict.




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