Yeong Die ‘Much O O’ : Uniquely expositions into glittering white snow of shattered thoughts and incompleteness.

Yeong Die

The more melodic and vibrant of the singles on Yeong Die’s latest LP ‘Threshold Value’ (out now), ”Much O O’ is a rhythmical albatross of sights and dreams, un-cast into an ocean of possibility, among dangers.

A cyphered tragedy, in hope and hopeful amalgamations, ‘Much O O’ is a shocking array of dispensation and malignant adorations, set in a residual sight – unwound – into a pure levity of mystery and perhaps, nostalgia.

A glowing, growth in revelry, uniquely expositions into glittering white snow of shattered thoughts and incompleteness.

Yeong Die is an artist based in South Korea.

A person in flux, the artist gathers notions, into that sliver of glimmering knowledge, which we won’t know the meaning of until it’s too late.

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I got into music through piano at 6. I have a little scar on my finger. My mother wanted it not to remain a weakness, She supported me to study some hand-using behavior. I grew up as a kid who likes K-POP, Chopin, and Aphex Twin. It wasn't smooth. I have also quit music. At that time, I sold the piano at home and… It was a painful adolescence in many ways. But after time, I was fascinated by jazz and Studying jazz made me want to make music. It was natural to understand the concept of ‘improvisation’. ⠀ Master Keyboard and MacBook, Logic X… I started producing with at least equipment. What I made around that time was my first album, <PIZZAPI>. it is currently being serviced by maansun. ⠀ And today, on September 11, 2020, my second album <Threshold Value> was released to Apple Music and Bandcamp. The whole process for the release of this album with went smoothly, and we worked happily. thanks to ⠀ For the album artwork and music video, genius photographer leeyunho, lovely brand HALOMINIUM, and my beloved 3D designer Uljiro Kim joined me. I am very happy and honored as a fan and friend who love their work very much. ⠀ Also, I have to mention my precious and special people who do not spare support for my music work. Thanks to bela, Jiyoung Wi, Joyul, Sunggun, Uman, Yeasul, Yebin, Yetsuby. Although far away, Nick, Ultrafog, Jordan, ju ca and philip thanks to my friends. Finally, thank you to my irreplaceable F Chung. Thank you my blood, L. ⠀ ⠀ Produced by Yeong Die Mixed by Yeong Die Mastered by ACiD M/V by Uljiro Kim ( Photography by leeyunho (@leeyunhorecords) Costume by HALOMINIUM (@halominium)

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