Yes Please ‘Bikini Bottom’ : Surging with irreverent lightness and air.

Yes Please

Yes Please is a singer/producer duo comprised of Matt Miggz and producer apob. The two began making music together at 10 years old, having grown up on the same street.

Now here they are. Making the same inspirations as they were in their even younger days. That’s just justice. For if you think about it, with singles like ‘Bikini Bottom’ surging with irreverent lightness and air – the musical world is better off living off of the duo’s existence.

Bikini Bottom is a lighthearted song about being “willing to change your whole life to try to be with someone.”

It’s not always about the technocratic construction. It’s about attitude and talent for vibe.

And Yes Please, has got some.

In January 2020, their track ‘All the Time’ was featured on both Ebro and Zane Lowe’s daily programs. With Ebro noting Yes Please as the featured artist of the episode. They were also featured on the first edition of Apple and NBA’s collaborative playlist ‘Base:Line’.



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