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Yes We Mystic Shares Energizing And Soaring Single ‘Please Bring Me To Safety’.

What a journey this has been. YES WE MYSTIC’s single ‘Please Bring Me To Safety’ is a soaring synth-driven adrenaline rush, which takes you on that trip of undeniable emotions.

“In music, in art, what the creator asserts is true becomes true to some extent in the context of that art. Our question is, how far can this be pushed?” explained frontman Adam Fuhr

And the question is valid, as it is consistent with this particular single.

An exercise in new-wave and synth-pop, the blank pallet, in which ‘Please Bring Me To Safety’ dances, is a far off valley of dreams; covered in green-gray grasses. As you soar over the inlet lake, the far off waving tides, bristle gently and inconsequentially. The wind is within your hair and your ears, as you pierce through the normality of life, trying your best to escape or be eaten alive.

In the horizon, YES WE MYSTIC, is there for you to touch, and experience. And maybe at the end of that journey, you will be enlightened, to accept your own, and go your own way. For life isn’t about conformity, all of the time. You become yourself, from a new definition and succinct indentured thoughts.

The rush of pain, hesitation, and ultimate drive for survival, kisses the essence of ‘Please Bring Me To Safety’.

And the dancey emblematics of the song, indubitably draws you in, deeper and deeper.


This fabulous project consists of: Adam Fuhr (guitar, vocals), Keegan Steele (synthesizer, mandolin, vocals), Jodi Plenert (keyboards, cello, bass guitar, vocals), Jensen Fridfinnson (violin, synthesizer, guitar), Jordon Ottenson (drum kit, electronic drums).

This single is off of the new upcoming LP ‘Ten Seated Figures’, which drops April 19th.



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