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Yianna // Varley // Private Agenda // Pawl // Pieter Oliver

Yianna – Ordinary Love

YIANNA wraps you with her natural talents, easily drifting from blues based notes to r&b/soul harmonies that destroy you, in the best possible way. In ‘Ordinary Love’, her exploits in sonic manipulation with her glorious vocals, flies in grace and welcomes your presence and friendship. Selfishly, we get to enter her world, just a bit, and enjoying every part of the voice that is YIANNA. Let’s go YIANNA. You can do this. Make your mark.

Varley – Lonely Were The Days

VARLEY can be deemed the moment when you felt like you’d lost all control in this world, but somehow it seemed too impossible to go any lower. It is the moment when you decided to rise. As your strength and rationality, gained momentum again, you then accepted your plight, and lifted your head once more. You deserve more. Irish front woman Claire-Ann Varley sings with vigorous intentions through her lyrical works, but framing in the delicate abstract of the acoustic lead single ‘Lonely Were The Days’. The band consists of Claire-Ann with Matthias Heising and Joschka Bender.

Private Agenda – Instinct

PRIVATE AGENDA is another duo who knows how to tear your world apart, with synth-drenched macro-economics. You’re bullish in their single ‘Instinct’ off of their latest EP ‘Affection’. The discotheque sensibilities, mixed in with the succulent drums, make it irresistible. You drool at the ‘perfection’ of every pitch it hits, in your ear and inside your heart. Just so good, like they always do it.

Pawl – Nirvana

Growing up with his mother’s boombox playing arabic music 24/7, the Swedish artist’s delicious hooks are undeniable in ‘Nirvana’. From here to there, and everywhere in between, we dance in spirit and reality to the beats shining from the emotive single. His love for EDM and producing songs started early and here he is doing his best to kill-it. “I’m inspired by everything outside of the western music scene, and I listen to a lot of afro beats. However, I always come back to EDM and I guess that’s where I belong.” Word.

Pieter Oliver – Truly Yours

PIETER OLIVER’s single ‘Truly Yours’ is formed out of the love that he’d known and continues to have immaculate memories about. It’s his. It’s yours. It’s our collective resonance of feelings that drive the emotions. The single does exactly that. With proper r&b/soul endeavors touching the smooth groove inserts, catching you – off guard – smiling. This is off of the Toronto native’s upcoming debut EP.


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