Yikes! Give me Sigourney Weaver any day. She makes everything better, no?

This is a promo for the Netflix output “The Defenders”. And from the looks of the trailer, seems an interesting offering.

However, whether the actual mini-series is awesome or meh, we at CHF would like to rant (and rave) about Sigourney Weaver. She’s awesome, whenever and where-ever she lends her acting talents to.

Lets go through the list:

(1) Face of the “Alien” franchise – there’s no Alien franchise, without Sigourney Weaver. Period.
(2) Sexy but restraint, in “Ghost Busters” & “Ghost Busters 2” – she’s not a sex kitten, but her elegance was a great fit.
(3) She’s a New Yorker (born in Manhattan) – smart, sassy, east coast gal.
(4) The mainstay of the “Avatar” franchise – see IMDB. Dang that’s a lot of Avatar post-production outputs.
(5) Last but not least, maybe part of the new Neill Blomkamp (District 9, Elysium) directed “Alien” movie project – which
could save the “Alien” franchise from Ridley Scott’s recent mediocre efforts?

Anywho, lets all check out The Defenders on Netflix. Lets roll it around in our virtual mouths and swish it around. Maybe it will be a good one – oaky but earthy flavors.

Here are some of our fave Sigourney Weaver clips.
The Defenders

Don’t Touch Anything

Working Girl


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