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YIORGOS // Josh Naujokas // AIRGLØW // Sam Setton // SANTII

YIORGOS – Honest

YIORGOS’ voice is all that we need – all that you need. As it floats through the haze of the morning clouds of doubts and love induced confusions, it keeps your rudder for life, on that still golden path. The path for what’s true and what’s right within you. And that one right thing in your life is his gaze, his caress, his undeniable love’s urgency and impact. YIORGOS is 21 year old recording artist Yiorgos Karaminas, and he knows how to woo our hearts. ‘Honest’ is the only ballad in his EP ‘Pink Walls’ (available now), and it brings his maturation and evolution to a simmering shimmer. It’s the spearhead for the ever larger stages YIORGOS will occupy. It’s the spearhead for all of the love, inspired for many a lovers. It is an anthem, and a promise – a nod to the nostalgic, and a lover’s kiss which flood’s back memories of great times. Superb.

Josh Naujokas – Initiate Satisfaction

“This song is about someone getting revenge on someone else for abandoning them, and the only way for the said person to feel any sort of satisfaction, is to kill the one who left them in a time of need,” stated JOSH NAUJOKAS about ‘Initiate Satisfaction’. The Freeport, Illinois based artist brings a dark story to a pallet of indie-pop and synth-dub vibe, in one place. A contrary construction, it is a surprisingly very poignant line of drama, which happens to be in a song. It’s that treat, that keeps on giving. Josh’s energies and knack for operatic productions, keeps ‘Initiate Satisfaction’ a compelling addition to your Universe. Josh is ambitious about his music. He’s very ambitious about his place in the music scene. Look out. Josh is also the vocalist for his band ROYAL INFAMY.

AIRGLØW – Back 2 U (feat. Mark McGahan)

AIRGLØW is an artist named Glo, and he wants to “create a movement that helps people do the things they always dreamed of doing, but never took the chance on.” With co-producer SHADEAX and vocalist Mark McGahan (Apollo’s Army), the single ‘Back 2 U’ comes alive with culture and excitement. With driving synth and drops of dub, the electro commentary on love, makes that pact with your emotions. It’s that conversation in love and loss, and that subject of redemption and healing. “Music means everything to me,” emphasized Glo. “It’s one of the few things that has helped me feel genuinely happy. Like many, it has saved me from giving up on my hopes; music saved me from giving up on life. I hope that I can make music that does the same for other.” There are rare times when you can feel someone’s unvarnished passion through a song. But with ‘Back 2 U’, Glo hits the mark.

Sam Setton – Gum

Mix of r&b and pop is the perfect pallet for fantastic SAM SETTON. The single ‘Gum’ is his way of expressing the seemingly boundless high of a new relationship and the love of a life-time. Like “burst” of flavor from a piece of new gum, the fabulously creative Sam, utilizes allusions of the simplest form, to eradicate any unwarranted distractions from expressing his dire stalking for the passion, in love – in a love. New York City born and raised, the talented artist just stared his singing career recently. And boy, it sure is going well, don’t you think? Look for great things from him in 2019.


SANTII is made up of duo Michele “Miki” Ducci (singer, lyrics) and Alessandro “Alex” Degli Angioli (producer, visual art). First and foremost friends long before this latest project, the two conceived the concept of SANTII in a late night studio session in London. Off of the latest album ‘S02’ (available now), ‘What?’ featuring W, is “one of the songs we are most attached to,” stated Miki. “It’s the first song we wrote that started with the lyrics. It is a story about falling in love; then abruptly, in the chorus, it becomes a song about the end of a relationship.” Drake producer Supah Mario, Irish rapper Rejjie Snow, and Brooklyn rapper Cakes Da Killa contributed to the making of ‘S02’. And from listening to the fun and retro-nostalgic sounds of ‘What?’, it will be our homework to continue seeking out the glossy pop goodness produced by Miki and Alex.


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