yllwshrk ‘And Let Them Glow’ : Poetry. In motion. In dialect of heart and soul.

yllwshrk / Album design: Ragnar Jónsson (Lita Avem)

Tragic and dense like a black and blue forest of emotions. A tantric Morrissey-like clamor for love and exulting outcomes, scream out from the depths of ‘And Let Them Glow’, like the far off thunder in that longing distance – arm’s length, but oh so familiar.

“The song is about my great aunt, the closest person I had to a grandparent, and my experience of watching her slowly fade to a pale shadow of her former self due to Alzheimer’s disease,” commented Ian Anderson. “Once so vibrant and loving, she gradually became miserable, confused and paranoid, hallucinating due to the cocktail of drugs she was given to stay alive. Is this kindness? Is this what we really want for our loved ones? Is that what I would want for myself?”

Hailing from both sides of Hadrian’s Wall, members of yllwshrk have appeared on albums such as Radiohead’s A Moon Shaped Pool, Frank Ocean’s Blonde, Actress’ LAGEOS, Thom Yorke’s Anima, and Foals’ Holy Fire as members of the London Contemporary Orchestra (LCO).

They have performed live with artists such as Little Simz, Goldfrapp, Ry X, Eric Clapton, Deltron 3030, and Elbow, as well as regularly giving classical chamber music recitals across the UK & Europe and performing and recording with many of the UK’s leading orchestras.

yllwshrk is Sam West (vocals), Matt Isaac (lead guitars), Ian Anderson (guitars/string arrangements), Dave Brown (bass/synths), Feargus Brennan (drums/percussion), David Donaldson (electronics/audio manipulation).

‘And Let Them Glow’ is poetry. In motion. In dialect of heart and soul.


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