yllwshrk ‘Pyramids’ : Outrageously exhilarating single renounces your demons, for the better.


yllwshrk’s ‘Pyramids’ is a all-encumpassing and thrillingly original single from a new band which fuse alt-rock and modern classical music, to the hilt. The second single is from yllwshrk’s debut album ‘I AM ALADDIN’ (October 16th).

“Pyramids deals with pyramids of influence,” comments yllwshrk’s Ian Anderson. “Every artist has their own set of influences who helped shaped their artistic voice, who in turn have their own set of influences who helped shaped their artistic voice. Every artist begins their own personal journey first by copying their heroes, before growing in confidence and originality until they discover their own unique voice. This is clear throughout history, from Beethoven copying Mozart, to Oasis copying The Beatles.”

“The pyramid idea also shaped the musical material in a more literal sense: the sliding string parts throughout form a pyramid shape, as does to a lesser extend the chorus vocal line.”

Directed by Eve McConnachie, the video for “Pyramids” was choreographed by former Principal Dancer of Scottish Ballet Eve Mutso and features Mutso along with Ellie Fergusson, 2019 winner of the BBC’s The Greatest Dancer. Reflecting the song’s theme of learning from your heroes, the young dancer is initially utterly reliant on, and intertwined with, the older dancer. As the song progresses she begins to experiment and grow in confidence, developing her own voice, until she no longer needs her artistic hero. She has become her own artist.

Hailing from both sides of Hadrian’s Wall, members of yllwshrk have appeared on albums such as Radiohead’s A Moon Shaped Pool, Frank Ocean’s Blonde, Actress’ LAGEOS, Thom Yorke’s Anima, and Foals’ Holy Fire as members of the London Contemporary Orchestra (LCO). They have performed live with artists such as Little Simz, Goldfrapp, Ry X, Eric Clapton, Deltron 3030, and Elbow, as well as regularly giving classical chamber music recitals across the UK & Europe and performing and recording with many of the UK’s leading orchestras.

Sam West, Matt Isaac, Ian Anderson, Dave Brown, Feargus Brennan and David Donaldson together are yllwshrk. Beckoning the best traditions of Radiohead to Jeff Buckley, the outrageously exhilarating single renounces your demons, for the better.

The sophistication is unreal. Stadium grandeur extreme.


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