Yoe Mase x Echos ‘Handle’ : Two artists come together for their first collaboration. For the sake of being sane in our world.


Two artists – Echos and Yoe Mase – come together for their first collaboration on ‘Handle’. The single acts as the first look into Yoe Mase’s upcoming 3rd album ‘An Unfiltered Stream of Consciousness’, and will release with multiple music videos.

The song was made during a Seeking Blue record label retreat in the remote town of Gibsons, BC (Canada) in a forest recording studio called ‘The Farm’. The two wrote about not being able to process the trip, and the self comparisons being surrounded by other musicians and collaborators.

The music video was filmed in isolation with close friends and family from across the country (NY and Portland).

For the sake of being sane in this hectic world, a gentle reminder of what you’d been missing, cleanses the pallet for what may be more important to re-discover: Love, affection, care, and kindness, and living with a broader perspective.


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