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Yonaka – Bubblegum

Yonaka’s Bubblegum is just a very kick-your-ass don’t-take-prisoners pop-rock buffet. It’s a fab and fun song. It’s an anthem. It’s what one needs before getting ready for a long, long night out on the town.

Can we say a ‘primal scream’ kind of song, which wants to take your finger nails when you’re not looking?

That would hurt.

But would be a cool feat! And this song is short, terse, and our undersides hurt a bit after listening to it (because we think our balls got crunched a bit).

Yonaka has a similar energy level (and fabulous looking band-mates), just like one of our favorites: Anteros (A fellow UK band that has a high energy make-up for DNA, and kicks ass – just like Yonaka).

And funny enough, Yonaka will be doing some shows with Anteros until end of this year.

Anywho, when one puts screaming, primal attitudes, and hell-of-a-lead vocal from awesome women: it’s a formula for destruction!

Well, the good kind of destruction and one that rocks your soul (well, at least a good time!)

Ok, Yonaka’s rep’ed by Atlantic Records UK.

Kudos Yonaka. Kudos.



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