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Yoke Lore // Roman Kouder // THEM LIGHTS // Amanda Tenfjord // Tay Iwar

Yoke Lore – Chin Up

YOKE LORE is Adrian Galvin. We’d first gotten to know some of his capabilities as an artist when we explored the song he collaborated with Samuel Proffitt (‘Stringnoise’). The irrefutably decadent shimmer in the words to instruments, is where Adrian blasts off. The strident echoes of possibilities expand with each residual of moments. And it seems YOKE LORE just does it right, all of the time. “These songs all gravitate around the struggle between two sides of something,” Adrian explained. From ‘difficulty’ of not knowing the one you’re attracted to, to exuding feelings of comparison between the ‘city’ versus ‘the country’, Adrian evokes prominence in how to tell his kind of story. About his songs he added: “There must be a balance, some movement and some pull. A life of absolutes is no life at all.” The excitement is in the delivery, the weight of it all is in his verses. It’s a dang good vibe, which doesn’t get stale.

Roman Kouder – Made Up

Beautifully graceful, the single ‘Made Up’ is stylishly and decadently portrayed in this latest visual. The Paris based artist comes at us always with truculent subject lines, framed in the dance beats that seduce your secret within. The vocals in ‘Made Up’ resonates to the core, as haunting and visceral it is. The talcum drive of the song, thrusts with irony and deficits of what society can, or cannot be. What it is to what it would have been, overlap as people and personalities, of the small and the large, are eaten alive by the societal ambiguities that dictate with vigor. Loss and giving up, a desperate surge of emotions that can parry into a self loathing and destructive force that hurries the mind, and of the heart. Stuck in bliss, and ignorance.

THEM LIGHTS – Mysterious Lights

Sacha Hanlet is the project THEM LIGHTS. The singer/songwriter, based out of Luxembourg, remembers when he was first introduced to Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ fro the first time. It indelibly marked him for music, forever. With Michael’s groove and pop attentions, THEM LIGHTS’ ‘Mysterious Lights’ takes the successful route in offering beautiful rhythms upon melodies that couple the synth and modern habits of his song. The colorful rendition, drives for the fences, as the gentle flow of Sacha’s calming vocals, guide us in that path to a hopeful and discovering horizon. His music video will drop May 26th.

Amanda Tenfjord – The Floor Is Lava

There are times when you miss an artist’s song when it drops. And regretfully, sometimes we do that here at CHF. With AMANDA TENFJORD’s single ‘The Floor Is Lave’, we doubly regret not getting to know her work sooner. The good news is that a song of this quality doesn’t get stale, and we all can enjoy such goodness, any time of year. The hype of her body of work is genuine, not because of all of the accolades she’d garnered so far, but because of the caliber of work, itself. Co-written with Sløtface bassist, Lasse Lokøy, ‘The Floor Is Lava’ has the pent up vibe of a child ready to tackle the world, but never quite being able to know how. As Amanada expanded, that childlike positivity and possibility that most of us had when young, is kind of like a treasure chest that, in our later years, forgotten where it was buried while growing up. The 21 year old based in Trondheim, Norway is decadent in her pop expressions and lyrical delivery. The words just tac on to your heart and just doesn’t let go. Said Amanda: “I have gotten to know myself in a different way musically – it’s more playful and fun than in my previous work, which has been really interesting”.

Tay Iwar – FOOLS

Austin “Tay” Iornongu Iwar is the man behind TAY IWAR. The Nigeria based artist knows how to make his music glorious and experiential. Off of his debut album ‘Gemini’, ‘Fools’ demonstrates TAY IWAR’s full accompaniment of skills as a supplier of soulful, r&b decadence to this Universe. The modern tropical attentions in his rhythms, amplify the blaring ascension of his Afro-beats (he calls it Afro-fusion) relativity, through the percussive and of the droning tones and ink deep colors of the sound pallet. Raised in Lagos and Abuja, Nigeria, Tay started creating music at 14, continuing on to hone his craft and particular style of engagement. Tay’s vocals are succulent and just melts, as we delve ever inquisitively into his world.


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