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YOLA Shares Beautifully Powerful And Majestic Single ‘Faraway Look’. Debut Album Drops February 22nd.

UK rising star YOLA sends out her love for all of us in her stunningly vast and majestic piece named ‘Faraway Look’. Off of the upcoming debut album ‘Walk Through Fire’ (February 22nd), larger than life vocal fire-works of YOLA continues to show her versatility and power in delivering the right amount of emotional impact.

The video is directed by Tim Duggan, YOLA commented: “My new video has got a faintly Black Mirror feel to it and paints a picture of a society glued to screens. We watch other people live out their dreams as we count down the clock on life and check out from existence.” She continued. “Faraway Look makes me think of a time in my life where I was encouraged to stay in my lane and be thankful for my lot, which it led to a lot of inner reflection. I was beginning to explore being a singer-songwriter and playing guitar live. The people around me at the time, especially those in the music industry, were discouraging to say the least. In a world that questions a woman’s every objection as well as every ambition, the faraway look is king.”


From State-side, YOLA will be making her debut appearance at New York’s Rockwood Music Hall Stage 2 on February 6th. She’ll also do a show at Grimey’s record store on February 22nd, plus hang out at The Analog at the Hutton on February 23rd in Nashville.

Dan Auerbach is YOLA’s record producer, who stated: “The moment I met Yola I was impressed. Her spirit fills the room, just like her voice…she has the ability to sing in a full roar or barely a whisper and that is a true gift. She made everyone in the studio an instant believer.”

Right on Dan. Right on.

The Bristol UK native, YOLA forged her career through all of the trappings of a poverty stricken childhood, with times of homelessness, living on the streets of London. But through it all, and through her inner resolve, she’s parried her fabulous talents to rise to a bigger stage in her life.

We’d just recommend you listen. Observe. Absorb. And let the music flow through your veins.

The cobwebs in our heads part ways, as YOLA’s tune hurries our angsts into earlier retirement.



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