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Young Clancy Shares ‘Take Me 2’. “Take it away. Then bring it back.”

YOUNG CLANCY is that Toronto talent whom knows what’s good for him, his wife, his fans, his friends, and his footprint in this doggone life. He knows what’s up. And down. And all around.

In that sense, it makes sense that his music turns out this way. He’d proposed to his wife, who he’d met at University. The stage then was set for him to toil away to his aims with his music.

‘Take Me 2’ is one of his amalgams of thoughts and insistence, he makes a grounding song of disillusion, self deprecation, summation of the absurd, and his true love for what he has. What’s weird is part of what CANNOT be forgotten.

He’s part of it.

Knee deep.

And it makes his world, worth while.

The world IS worth while, ain’t it? The question is open ended, and relevant in perpetuity.



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