Young Medicine ‘Winter Soldier’ : Modern and refreshing. Packs a wallop and keep you on your best of hearts.

Young Medicine

‘Winter Soldier’ by Young Medicine hits all of the good and all of the angles that we’d want. From vocals, to the shining synths, a revelry flow of energy and posterity, glistens in the majesty of this vibe.

The synthwave-metal band embarks on the next chapter of their career with gumption and ingenuity.

Cutting through it all, the razor sharp encapsulation, thrive in the folds and subtleties of the song. There are many who roam this land of synth and metal. Rarely do most do it as impressively as Young Medicine’s ‘Winter Soldier’.

Modern and refreshing, ‘Winter Soldier’ packs a wallop and keep you on your best of hearts.


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