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Young Mister // Idlewild // Brad Stank // Smilin’ Isaac // Drawing Blanks

Young Mister – What If I?

Steven Fiore makes it less morbid to be downtrodden. It’s a compliment. His songs are delights, as that sunshower is to that day. As your girl’s kiss meant the world to you. As the future, will be turned upside down to live the way you want. Being ‘downtrodden’ is of ‘not knowing what’s to come’. Something to look forward to ain’t it? His newest EP titled ‘Soft Rock’ will drop on October 27th. And from then on, another chapter of YOUNG MISTER will gauge what’s ahead. We predict more accolades are on their way for Steven. That’s for dang sure. Steven is a delight and you’re missing out if not experiencing his songs.

Idlewild – There’s A Place For Everything

Aren’t the lyrics so much fun, tactile, emotively responsible? Heck yea they are. IDLEWILD’s single ‘There A Place For Everything’ is a promise of good things to come. It’s a promise to the confidence you should have. Never losing the person you are, no matter of what the outside world brands you in flames. Synth induced and melodies that are as Universal as we are human – Roddy and company, talks the talk and walks the walk. To the grocery? To the gas station? To your prom? To your best day as an employee of that Fortune 1000 company! Doesn’t matter. IDLEWILD is here to cheer you on. All of us.

Brad Stank – Watering The Garden

BRAD STANK describes his cerebral slow jams as sex-istential pop. Debut EP ‘Eternal Showdown’ is the foundation for this ‘sex-istential’ offering. You never knew you wanted something like this? But you got it. And you deserve it. For the ‘sex-istential pop’ in all of us just needs some tender love and maintenance sometimes. Downtempo, funk, and jazzy grooves dig a path towards that salvation of musical vigor and chill with your best-est partner. It’s all love. It’s all good. It’s for all to admire. The Liverpool based artist caters to your devious side. But in a friendly and vibin’ way. Ain’t that cool?

Smilin’ Isaac – This Time Last Week

Said SMILIN’ ISAAC: “We like this track because we feel it is a good representation of what we are as a band. We have lots of energy, lots of moving parts, lots of counteracting parts, but we feel it all fits together like a puzzle.” Heavily draped in the malcontent of frenetic mathrock, the Boston based alt-rock/prog-nosticators keep it sane while driving you insane with the expertise in their hands. Guitar is ripin’ and poppin’. Drums are kickin’ and thrusting. The vibe is thick with undeniable arpeggios, right up your nose and then out of your left sinus. Invigorating, jammin’, oh so fun – SMILIN’ ISAAC is a band that melts dream and creates a wholesome decadence. What else can you ask for??

Drawing Blanks – That’s All

Tired. Patience. Urges. A bomb of love that’s waiting to explode. That’s what DRAWING BLANKS is all about. That surge of climax and the fandom for the journey in between – all for that love that awaits at the end of the tunnel. Spencer Hill (Drums), Sawyer Hill (Rhythm guitar, Vocals), Joel Robertson (Lead guitar, Vocals), and Jared Guinn (Bass) make up this classic hard-rock vibe and ‘That’s All’ is fabulous to feel sexy around. Yep you heard us, we feel sexy. And when this song’s playing, we don’t care what you say. Heck yea! Oh, and dig that solo bits for each instrument. Classic, indeed.


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