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Young Mister Shares ‘Best’. “Disillusionment crept.”

YOUNG MISTER is Steven Fiore, and he makes songs for all of us. With touches of Simon/Garfunkel, Roy Orbison, and Tom Petty in the lining of his lyrics, the ever forward thinking artist, derives the positive from an unfair world. Sometimes, it’s just good to just sing and look at things from out in space.

Disillusionment crept into his soul at one time. And with the tools that he knew best, he wrote and wrote songs that meant much to him. A remembrance or the effort in getting to know what was important to him, at the time, was crucial and important.

‘Best’ is a continuation of that journey. Now, with more smiles in net, than inner sorrows, the lyrics that helped him get over the precipice, now hopefully can help others.

The expertly crafted single of ‘Best’ surpasses time, as the folk gilded beauty touches with honesty and prominence.

It’s a gorgeous song, indeed.



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