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Young Sawbones Shares ‘Flat Earth Song’. Don’t Sell Yourself Short. Beware.

YOUNG SAWBONES is the solo project for musician and producer BEN FOX SMITH (Stony Sleep, Serafin). He’s been very prolific in the years after moving on to Young Sawbones, including 8 albums to date.

He has lots of things to say. That’s what we gathered from his latest video for his single ‘Flat Earth Song’.

Yes. It’s definitely, at the face of it, about the weirdly growing conspiracy regarding the ‘Flat Earth’. The band of renegades profess that ‘the Earth is not in a spherical shape at all, but is flat like a four cornered table’. With the advent of the Internet being so useful, the ‘Flat Earthers’ as they are readily referred to – make large claims against the validity of main-stream science and its tested axioms.

Anywho, Smith says not to feed that ‘beast’. Don’t give them the stage for spouting their non-peer reviewed claims.

However, we think, Smith wants to throw us a more profound and poignant statement: “Expand your horizons. But be practical. Don’t latch on to a different kind of dogma, to relieve yourself of the former.”

Heck yea.

We think that’s deep, and practical in every way.

Something we all should stay true to in our daily lives, don’t you all think?

Well, if we’re wrong, we’re sure Ben will tell us. LOL.

By the by, the music video features Smith’s bother, Shian (Razorlight), and we think his dancing skillz are definitely better than ours.



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