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Youngblood Shares ‘Dark Place’. “Cannot Pass With The Ships You’d Built.”

The future is YOUNGBLOOD. And the past is, also, YOUNGBLOOD. Can one be both? As you can tell, that’s an overwhelming ‘Yes’, from our newsroom of the venerable CHF. Well, we’re not ‘venerable’, but sure do try to hype up artists and their efforts for their craft, though. And this time around YOUNGBLOOD (Alexis Young) is screwing tight that notion of being what ‘has been’ and what ‘can become’.

The human extract can spoil down the river of sorrows, neglecting side villages of happiness and calm. The villages that acquired ages of experience and know-how, in surviving and providing for their offsprings, generation after generation. But you decide to by-pass that stop-over. And instead, decided to skip to the front of the pack, and execute your plans of show and awe.

You have intelligence of gathering forces at the delta of that river.

Silt builds up at the mouth.

Cannot pass with the ships you’d built.

So, you negotiate and maneuver.

The human existence can facilitate what can be done, during a lifespan. The village members salute you. They know you’re about to meet your destiny – for better or for worse.

No excuses now. You’ve made your bed. Forge forward.

When we say YOUNGBLOOD is the ‘past’ and ‘future’, it’s a qualification that endulges our over fertive imaginations for what’s so ‘Blade Runner’. Purple, cinematic, glorious – and that encapsulation is what’s to do with project.

It’s a beautiful summation, for sure.

On August 17th, YOUNGBLOOD’s upcoming EP ‘Fantasy Love’ will drop.

“‘Dark Place’ speaks to the masochistic tendency of repeatedly making the same mistake and not understanding the compromising effects of that until it’s too late. Sometimes you really need to have something completely fall apart and be destroyed before you are able to fully understand its value. It is the thrilling allure of pressing the self-sabotage button and watching what unfolds before you.”




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