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Younsou – Victory Of The Past

Younsou is an electronic synthwave producer, from France and she (or he) is enigmatic about their synthwave persona (it’s more fun that way) and is a bit enigmatic about his style of music.

What we mean is that, the notes seem chaotic and presents in several of the songs, just a feel of ‘incompleteness’. Intrinsically, to us, most of the songs ‘tease’ the listener for a ‘payoff’. But then it just continues.

It continues.

Then, continues, to continue.

However, when examining it bit further, it’s always due to the ‘sensibilities’ of the musician and her/his mental philosophy on making notes.

There is a ‘payoff’.


But we think that, THAT FACT is why we’ve decided to feature Younsou’s ‘Tight Spot’ – it’s unconventional, it’s odd. An appropriate comparison would be of the gurgling engine sounds of the ‘drag car’ on the racing strip. It sits, patiently, to reveal its potential of a 1000 horse power.

Ultimately, the fact that we dig this song is, itself, an odd scenario.

But we embrace it. It’s a good thing though.

We dig it.

Kudos, Younsou. Keep on, keepin’ on.

The latest EP offering is ‘Victory Of The Past’ and available for your ears.



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