Your Labour ‘RAN’ : Collides with altitude and undecided, almost dream-like, certainty.

Your Labour

Justified and ancient, is where it’s at. As that maturity casts off shards of ambiguity and muscling candor, Your Labour’s ‘RAN’, delivers with the gumption and attitude, unseen, yet of public emotions.

Said of the song: “The woman who owns it was never there so it was very isolating. Weeks long stretches would pass without interacting with any person until an electrician or something would come by. I would just take care of the property and her dogs and do a lot of landscaping. It was a dream job really. And it was so lush and green and always raining.”

Twisted in its own volition, ‘RAN’ collides with altitude and undecided, almost dream-like, certainty.

Added Your Labour: “The only thing that survived from almost completed album is the song RAN. It was the song that I started making the album around which along the way picked up all the various layers and elements of different songs from the album. It’s been so layered and molded over time that it almost feels like an entire album jammed together into one song.”


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