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Your Smith – Man of Weakness

Been a while since the last time we’d cross the path of beautifully decorated singer/songwriter, YOUR SMITH. The last time we’d stated: “Caroline Smith is YOUR SMITH. And she has something to say in her songs.” Had you ever you felt you’d found the modern version of Simon & Garfunkel, with all of the great pop attentions that grabs you like nothing else? That’s ‘Man Of Weakness’. YOUR SMITH is a project that transcends and especially within the pop world – it sits at the top with bells on. The impeccable writing by Caroline, and the textures insinuations of her tell all story telling, keeps you attuned and just coaxes you into a palpitating drool, for more.

Edson Charntor – Did I Go Wrong

Stated EDSON CHARNTOR: “‘Did I Go Wrong’ is primarily an electro-pop/alternative pop song that talks about how one would dismiss with another person’s actions as wrong, but that person may not feel any wrongdoing from their side. As a result, he or she couldn’t care less about what one would say about him or her, and this song will capture the disdain and rejection towards the considerations one has for the person’s actions.” Edson’s music is there to defy gravity. His embellishments are of uncharacteristically uniqueness and topical ambiguousness. Except for love. Love is the key. And when Edson’s lyrics hit the road with the rubber on the road, for the battles to come – you dance. Then you bop. Then you look at your significant other… and bop even more. Communication successful, by proxy. Beyond love is where Edson want to take you. The horizon is gooey woozy particulars of goodness. Are you up for it? Singapore raised. Singer/songwriter debuted with his EP ‘Youth Function’.

Coy Adrift – Come Home

“This song is about a pretty bad breakdown I had a few months back and the conflicting feelings of a support system I don’t know if I deserve.” At least that’s what COY ADRIFT said about the latest, ‘Come Home’. The heartbreak has happened. It’s a shameful walk home. There’s no way you’r going to text her to keep the routines of the prior past, to come alive once again. Your heart, burns with regrets and questions to why you’d acted this and that. Many have burned down as you neglected the signals. “Why do I do this?? All of the time??” Mysteries of the universe, indeed. But the REAL LOVE lives. REAL LOVE is unquestionable. REAL LOVE exists even in the embers of a forest fire. “Come home”, again, then start afresh.

Jonathan Maiocco – Drama King

“I recently came out as gay to my fans and, with that, I’ve been releasing songs about my experience of realizing I’m gay and coming to terms with it. This song is about coming out to some close people in my life and it not going over well – they called me dramatic and they weren’t approving at all. And so I wrote this song kind of as a joke – embracing the drama because “I love the drama”. I wrote, sang, and produced this.” JONATHAN MAIOCCO is what ‘joy’ is like when you wake up, looking out your window. With Jason Mraz like falsetto, the artist who’d gotten his masters and formal training in classic music, was torn with a decision for popular music of the modern draw. “I thought I was going to be doing a bunch of classical music, but I realized shortly after I graduated that I loved pop music. So, that’s what I started doing. I love a catchy melody with just the right lyrics. Anything to make someone’s day a little brighter and to bring them a smile.” And we’re glad that we get to witness the talents of Jonathan. From beginning to end, ‘Drama King’ is a quintessential anthem for relationships and what we are as humans on this earth. Let’s dance anyways.

Nic Rollo – Feel

Perth based singer-songwriter and producer NIC ROLLO makes his return with emotive indie-pop anthem ‘Feel’. Nic took up singing and then guitar in his senior years. Inspired to try home recording and producing by the likes of Mac Demarco and Tame Impala, Nic began to hone his craft at just 15 years old. Said Nic: “’Feel’ is about not trying to control everything around you, and letting things happen as they will, instead of being afraid of what might change. I wrote the song when I felt a lot of pressure from other people in my life, especially pressure about whether I should commit to a music career or choose a more ‘formal’ job.” Being contained, in a cage, when you weren’t born to be living in such accommodations. So, there are 2 options: tolerate or break out. Nic decided the latter. And with wings unfurled to full length he digs in and does his best to expand and find out new horizons to conquer. Nic’s unique playful gravity of his vocal tones make it a certainty to you being drawn into the hurt, the confused, the manic emotions that we can relate.


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